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burning love?

i feel really awkward writing something so lovey dovey so forgive me if it makes you cringe.

hi. i guess i should introduce myself but i'm not very good at introductions. me and my girlfriend have been together for two and a half months. we met when both of us started university, and because i was totally wasted throughout my first week, i would do weird things and act weird and make really unfunny funny jokes and so on, and she'd understand the funniness. and so we hit it off, after a couple of weeks of constantly hanging around together. both of us find our love surreal, and we think there's no couple like us. we hit it off on so many levels, for example we're able to have intellectual conversations, we can be weird and funny, and we can party hard too.

christmas break has been tough. i have really strong feelings for her and i haven't seen her for two weeks now because of the christmas holidays and i can't afford to go see her. i'm going back (to lancaster university) in just less than two weeks and i can't survive not seeing her. i have a burning urge to spend all my time with her, and i miss her dearly. i've never felt like this about someone and it's making my stomach churn because i love her so much and that my words can not express this. i think she loves me just as much, and i know this because she tells me it when we are together. i think i need to find my head and detach from my feelings a bit, because i can't control them. i just want to be with her forever. i am so in love.
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