Ashley (ashmonster03) wrote in whodoyoulove,

My Love...

Who do I love???

I love a Man named Dustin. Well first when i met him i had a boy-friend then we broke up and... Dustin kept on asking me out and all. I didnt like him one bit. But Dustin never gave up. We started going out. Ive never seen him so happy bc i came over and all. He never imaged he would have a girl like me and he does. Its been the Best Year and 3 months of my life with him. hes so sweet, nice, says " i love you" for no reason at all. he knows when im upset and all. I just love him. i cant image what our lifes would be w/out eachothers. But i love him! My family loves him. Both of my Little Brothers...who dont usally like my last boyfriends and all. so this is great!




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